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Blue Belt Technologies — Plymouth, MN

Blue Belt Technologies newly designed offices resulted in a strong brand image for this medical technology company.

PlanForce designed new office, manufacturing, warehouse, and laboratory spaces for Blue Belt Technologies, located in Plymouth, MN. A large conference room has good visibility for all individuals. Abstract maps pinpoint the locations of influence and honor Blue Belt’s clientele throughout the world.

The office design areas feature low walls for collaboration and a refreshing view of the outside, while the employee lounge gives a clean and fresh environment for the employees’ lunch breaks. The colors selected are fresh and invigorating and reflect the company’s standard of excellence.

Designed for Expert Training

The physicians training area utilizes healthcare interior design principles to provide all the amenities physicians need to be comfortable during their stay at Blue Belt Technologies. The cadaver lab is sensitively designed and presents a fresh, clean, and respectable environment for training purposes. PlanForce also designed a refrigeration area close to the cadaver lab.

We are absolutely happy with the design and quality! The space meets our needs beautifully. The functionality helps us to perform at our best to meet our customers’ needs.

Marie, V.P. of Operations, Blue Belt Technologies