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Arijai Aesthetics and Wellness — Burnsville, MN

Arijai Aesthetics and Wellness is a unique cosmetic surgery and skin care clinic run by the renowned “Dr. BBL,” Dr. Christopher Balgobin. Arijai provides a comprehensive set of both surgical and therapeutic services designed to help people feel more confident in their bodies. PlanForce worked with interior decorator Fran Kraft to design a high-end, 5,700 SF medical spa and surgery center for Arijai.

The new design combines a cutting-edge certified surgery clinic with a cosmopolitan spa exuding comfort, beauty, style, and luxury. The surgery center provides operating rooms of excellence in health care, while the spa is a space where comfort and luxury is the norm. Surgical patients are well cared for but do not interfere with the relaxation in the spa.

This unique space combines both high-end style with medical excellence to help Arijai Aesthetics and Wellness provide the best in cosmetic services for their clients.

Photo credit: Jill Hamilton