Retail Architecture & Interiors

Retail design involves not only creating spaces that attract customers and sell products, but also creating beautiful interiors that define a brand. PlanForce designs eye-catching interiors—including freestanding stores, urban storefronts, and franchises— that delight and inspire.

Retail architecture & interiors for New Reflections Salon

Without design, the “brand identity” is just a name. The task for the retail designer is to turn that two-dimensional printed name into a three-dimensional environment in which consumers may interact with the brand’s product or services.


The way in which we experience and consume brands is changing more rapidly today than ever before. The shift to e-commerce and the digital realm is forcing brands to rethink how they present products in conventional stores. More and more companies are exploring new concepts for retail spaces, searching for new ways to offer their customers brand experiences on an emotional level.

PlanForce helps retailers effectively establish their brands in the real world in a way that results in unforgettable emotional experiences for discerning, 21st-century customers. In a fast changing world, branded spaces are becoming lighthouses for brands, for their image, and for their relationship to consumers. As consumer tastes and habits shift with the times, your brand can’t afford to miss out.

Together, we can design a work space that inspires and reflects your unique business style. LET’S GET TO WORK!