Retail Interior Architecture for Modern Acupuncture
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Modern Acupuncture — Minnetonka, MN

Modern Acupuncture believes that acupuncture should be a convenient and approachable part of everyday life. To modernize a practice that is thousands of years old, they’re focused on great delivery. From the moment you walk through the door, all five senses encounter an environment of relaxation and healing. Natural, earthy colors wash over you. The soft lighting allows your eyes to relax. It’s quiet, and the silence brings peace.

Local operators Sandra and Dick Brown engaged PlanForce to implement their new Modern Acupuncture location in Minnetonka — the first in Minnesota. Together, we were able to adapt the franchise prototype architecture to make their location uniquely intimate and relaxing for customers.

The Modern Acupuncture experience begins in the reception area. This light and spacious room provides a waiting area and reception counter at the front of the space. Large, wood textured Zen doors then lead to a separate treatment area in the back.

Beyond the Zen doors is a privacy wall covered with pucks — miniature white bowls with gold interiors. This wall is normally at the back of the treatment area, which is affectionately called the “Zen den.” We decided to move it forward to create a really impactful experience as customers navigate through the space. “It’s more successful than having that wall in the background,” says PlanForce architectural associate Shawn Wochnick.

Creating a More Intimate Spa Experience

Once you enter the Zen den, you encounter one of two rows of treatment chairs. Most locations have the chairs against the outer walls, facing into the center of the space (like a nail salon). The Browns wanted more of a sense of privacy between the customer and the acupuncturist, so customers will feel relaxed. To achieve this, PlanForce turned the chairs to face the exterior walls, creating a more intimate space. With this change, we also had to customize the tables below the wall-mounted TVs to ensure the walkways had the appropriate clearance.

The Zen den also features a black drop ceiling that dampens the sound from mechanical equipment. Throughout the space, walls feature a realistic, wood-textured vinyl covering. “It’s not your grandmother’s faux wall covering,” says Wochnick.

Together, the natural materials, intimate spaces, and warm colors create an exceptionally relaxing environment. “It’s certainly one of the better spa experiences I’ve seen,” says Wochnick.