Hospitality Architecture & Interiors

Today’s hospitality spaces are tasked with capturing the hearts and minds of consumers who already have too many entertainment options to choose from. Suddenly, convincing people to fill up booths and belly up to the bar doesn’t seem so simple. At PlanForce, we use the Power of Design to create hospitality spaces that stir up buzz, create their own word-of-mouth marketing, and keep customers coming back for more.

Hospitality architecture and interiors for Worthington Event Center

From rethinking guestroom configurations to ensuring highly personalized experiences, we transform your space into the highlight of any escape.


Whether it’s restoring an iconic landmark or creating a new brand identity, PlanForce Group’s hospitality design solutions bring long-term value to owners while welcoming guests with exceptional experiences. We incorporate creative space planning ideas, proven sustainability strategies and innovations in security and technology.

Our teams have experience facilitating hospitality development by bringing together developers, investors, hotel operators, and municipalities early on in the process to help express your brand and aspirations while respecting regional nuances. PlanForce provides expert planning, architecture, and interior design for hospitality and spaces from conceptualization to installation. Our experienced designers can help you create a unique space for your business.

Together, we can design a work space that inspires and reflects your unique business style. LET’S GET TO WORK!