Mixed-Use and Adaptive Reuse

Mixed-use projects, which blend residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or industrial uses, have once again become popular, as the benefits are recognized. Mixed-use development can take the form of a single building, a complex of buildings, a city block, or entire neighborhoods.

Mixed-use architecture for 811 GlenwoodPhotocredit: Spacecrafting

Every building has its own biography. A knowledge of the whole life of a building brings an essential understanding of its features and its problems.


A mixed-use district will often serve as the “downtown” area of a local community, and mixed-use guidelines often result in residential buildings with street front commercial space. Given the changing shopping habits of American consumers, retailers increasingly value mixed-use projects, as they will always have customers living right above and around them.

At the same time, rising rents in city centers are helping to create a steady market for redevelopment of older industrial assets.

Commercial real estate professionals are realizing the potential of these aging facilities by upgrading and marketing them to tenants who understand the economic value of repositioned space.

PlanForce Group has extensive experience in mixed-use projects — both new builds and adaptive reuse. Our expertise and knowledge of best-practices ensures your project will achieve the benefits of mixed-use building while avoiding common pitfalls.

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