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Olympic Place — Eden Prairie, MN

Originally constructed in the 1980s, this Eden Prairie office tower needed an update to its public corridors and first floor café. In the lobby, PlanForce added wood paneling, light fixtures, new wallcovering, and furniture. The final result is a warm blend of colors and finishes that create an upscale, contemporary environment for tenants and guests.

The building atrium interior was updated with new lighting and wallcoverings. The owners wanted to soften the strong and dated colors from the original construction in the 1980s to create a more contemporary look. New wood paneling throughout the interior brings a warmer finish.

The public corridor from the parking ramp also got an update, consistent with the atrium and lobby. Wood detailing on the walls, sconces, artwork, and furnishings make for a more engaging entryway as employees and visitors pass through.

In the first floor elevator lobby, the existing marble has been enhanced with new wood paneling, new overhead pendant fixtures, and contemporary artwork. The restrooms also needed to be brought into ADA compliance.