Tenant Improvements

At PlanForce Group, we have interior architects and designers specialized in transforming tenants’ business goals into code-compliant, functional, and cost effective reality. With hundreds of projects successfully completed that range from restaurant, office, and retail design to large-scale reconstructions, we have the experience necessary to deliver your project on time and within budget.

Blue Belt Technologies tenant improvement project

We understand the unique constraints of tenant improvement projects and are equipped to respond quickly and efficiently to meet the needs of our clients.


Through the years we have completed innumerable tenant improvement and fit-up projects. Our definition of success revolves around the ideals of holding down costs, exceeding client expectations, and creating a space that actively sells your real-estate product. It’s why property managers have been coming back to us over and over again for decades — even when they switch companies.

We use our experience to guide tenants through decisions, and provide the information they need to make educated decisions throughout the design and construction process. Getting PlanForce involved early in the process can help establish realistic expectations (budget, design features, timeline, etc.) while helping steer clear of common build-out mistakes.

Together, we can design a work space that inspires and reflects your unique business style. LET’S GET TO WORK!