Commercial Office Interior Design for eHome
Commercial Office Interior Design for eHome
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eHome — Minnetonka, MN

eHome is a Minnetonka-based company dedicated to delivering the best value in pre-owned Apple Macintosh computers. Founded by Wolfgang and Silke Putscher, eHome’s roots with Apple computers started in 1984 (starting with the famous Mac Classic 512k). Today, eHome provides computer hardware and software support for Macs. In 2010, eHome officially adopted the name of Macs4u for the segment of their business selling pre-owned Apple computers. eHome is also active in the health/medical-related industry.

With Apple’s increasing market share, eHome needed a bigger workspace to match the higher demand and more inventory. They turned to PlanForce to help create an office design that’s as iconic as the Macs they work with every day. The result proves that being in an industrial building doesn’t mean your office space has to be drab or boring.

A Bold Aesthetic in an Unconventional Workspace

The entry to the office was an annex to the original building and is divided from the main space. As such, it provides a completely different experience from the open office beyond. The warm, Scandinavian aesthetic (complete with large overhead pendant lights) provides a home-y feel that you won’t find in most industrial offices. In contrast, the main open office is very modern, with bold colors, open ceilings, and lots of natural light.

From the outset, eHome knew exactly what they wanted to do with their new workspace, and their bold aesthetic shines through. The office features a variety of spaces for different kinds of work activities. These include a shared, glass-walled office for the founders, as well as a big open office area for collaboration. It also has a semi-enclosed lounge area, high-walled cubicles for heads-down work, and a conference room with all the bells and whistles. Throughout the space, the bright, energetic design speaks to eHome’s core focus and commitment to great service.