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CivilSite Group is a full-service civil engineering, land planning, and landscape architecture consulting company. Because their diverse portfolio is powered by a client-driven, collaborative, and efficient approach, CivilSite Group’s workspace needed an improved workspace that promoted innovation and an enhanced client experience.

The CivilSite Group project converted a previously-awkward fourplex office building into seamless, open office areas. This project maximized lighting to enlarge the available space and fully embodied CivilSite Group’s company identity through curated design features. PlanForce oversaw the design and construction process of this complete 6,000-square-foot interior remodel with light exterior upgrades.

We worked closely with Mattson MacDonald Young Structural Engineering and Huot Construction and Services to create this modern and stylish office building. Our holistic approach to architecture and interior design allowed us to strategize, design, and deliver CivilSite Group a renovated office space that met their design and workforce needs.