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Master Technology Group — Eden Prairie, MN

Since 2002, Master Technology Group (MTG) has been helping customers select, install and integrate the right technologies for their business. MTG has been built largely on their technical know-how and their installation horsepower, but there is something else. What makes MTG special is not just about what they do, it’s about who they are.

To assemble a team of more than 135 talented employees with unique skills, the desire to help others, and a focus on results, owner Ryan Blundell knew he needed a workspace as great as his vision for MTG.

When Blundell called PlanForce, MTG was in a little building further out in Eden Prairie, and they were bursting at the seams. They needed to get out of that building, because MTG was growing rapidly, and they just did not fit anymore. In addition, the old space was very dated and did not at all represent Blundell’s vision of a really leading-edge technology firm.

PlanForce helped MTG explore three separate potential office spaces with an eye toward knowing which would best fit their image. They also wanted a space that would help their recruitment efforts.

Master Technology Group is a suburban company with a really tough sell to their employees. They complete large corporate and retail technology installations across the country — often overnight or on weekends, with zero downtime. The projects can be stressful, and it takes the right kind of employee to succeed. Blundell knew that a stand-out office design would help MTG attract and retain those star performers.

PlanForce helped Blundell achieve his goals with an open and bright layout, forward-looking commercial interior design, and strong support throughout the construction process, which included raising the ceiling throughout the space to give employees more head room.

The final office space design provides employees with a great space to call home while helping Master Technology Group deliver outstanding service to their customers.