Corporate Office Interior Design for Meuser Law
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Meuser Law Office — Eden Prairie, MN

Meuser Law Office is recognized as one of the top law firms in Minnesota dedicated exclusively to the practice of workers’ compensation, PERA/MSRS disability, and personal injury law. Between an old office that felt dated and boring and the increasing growth of the firm, Meuser needed a new office that would be more updated and provide more of a presence for their clients.

The team at Meuser Law wanted their new office to be a space where their clients would be comfortable. Many traditional law firm offices are very dark — lots of dark woods and minimal natural light — which can be very intimidating. It was very important to Meuser that the new office have plenty of natural light. The goal was to create a space that was professional and, at the same time, very approachable.

PlanForce helped them design a space that took advantage of abundant natural light to create a very modern and spacious atmosphere. The office interior design features very light carpet and light walls blended with beautiful walnut wood accents throughout. They also got all new furniture, which coordinates with the rest of the fixtures.

Meuser also wanted to incorporate their firm’s branding, so the space would truly feel like their own. To meet this need, we painted several walls in the unique red and blue from the company’s logo. This simple solution provides enough branding to the space, without reducing the amount of light in the space.

To create the new Meuser Law office, PlanForce combined two existing suites into one. The front half of the space — one of the original suites — was kept mostly intact, in terms of rooms and layout. We continued that feeling through the second suite, which became the back half of the office.

The final result is a mix of a classic, traditional feeling office that is also open, modern, and airy. It fits the aesthetic of the building and feels very authentic to the attorneys and staff.