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HRST – Minnetonka, MN

With a fast turnaround requirement for their new build-out, HRST called on PlanForce to help them dial in their needs and efficiently assist them with their project. They had several goals to meet for their new Minnetonka space:

  • Create a fresh and updated environment to attract talent
  • Improve the layout to better maximize efficiencies

Before starting the design, the space was almost fully whiteboxed, with only existing non-compliant restrooms present. PlanForce designers Elizabeth Lari, CID and Lindsay Meyer, CID, NCIDQ, WELL AP addressed HRST’s requirements with a clean, open design and reworked restrooms to bring them into compliance.

We reworked the restroom layout to meet code-compliance requirements in a manner that required minimal demo and re-routing of plumbing, thus keeping the project on track and within budget. This enabled us to allocate funds to the areas we wanted to focus our design attention most – the reception and break room. – Lindsay Meyer, CID, NCIDQ, WELL AP, PlanForce

In collaboration with The Bainey Group, Capital Partners, and Winthrop Commercial, the PlanForce team developed an efficient floor plan that could be built quickly. Meeting the team’s acoustic needs through flooring and ceiling elements was important. The new design features neutral finishes that allow HRST’s brand blue to stand out.