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Spectralytics — Maple Plain, MN

In 1990, inventor, engineer, and CEO Gary Oberg started Spectralytics in a store-front building with two people and two lasers. Although lasers have always been Spectralytics primary business, the products they’ve worked on have changed dramatically over the years — as have their space needs.

Now a part of the Cretext family of medical companies, Spectralytics engaged PlanForce to evaluate their manufacturing facility in the Western suburbs of Minneapolis. After a thorough analysis, PlanForce helped Spectralytics identify a new facility and design the space for the growing company’s needs.

These goals included more efficient manufacturing space, the ability to conduct sales tours, as well as office and employee spaces that would help Spectralytics attract and retain the engineering talent they need to be successful. The final office interior design includes manufacturing clean rooms, glass-lined offices, and inviting lounge, training, and breakroom environments.