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Edinborough Corporate Center Spec Suite — Edina, MN

Property managers at Altus were struggling to find new tenants for a pair of smaller adjacent vacancies at their Edinborough Corporate Center in Edina, MN. They turned to PlanForce to help combine the workspaces into a single spec suite that would appeal to a large number of potential tenants.

The ultimate goal of the project was to design a space where prospective tenants could envision their company, while maintaining enough flexibility to be usable by a wide audience. Working with the existing layout proved to be a unique challenge. Half of the new spec suite had recently received updated finishes, so new finishes in the other half had to coordinate with them.

PlanForce commercial interior designer Elizabeth Lari selected a carpet tile with a unique pattern to brighten up the outdated space. In addition, new glass fronts on the offices bring in lots of natural light. This project is a good example of using what you have to create a spec suite design that will increase marketability.

360˚ photos of the spec suite that PlanForce designed at Edinborough Corporate Center help Altus give prospective tenants a better sense of this great office space.