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MSI (Metro Sales, Inc.) is an employee-owned company, a leading provider of the highest-quality customer service and digital office products in Minnesota. Because of their efforts in providing the best and most up-to-date digital solutions, they continue to be named one of the largest independent office technology providers in the United States. 

When they outgrew their crowded existing office space, they called upon PlanForce to help design their new workspace and the new home of multiple other locations across Minnesota, including; Owatonna, St. Cloud, and, coming soon, Duluth and Mankato.

MSI’s new workplace needed to hit four major goals:

  • Create a space that continuously flows between customer-facing and private office spaces. 
  • Bring their office and warehouse under one roof.
  • Secure offices from customer-facing areas.
  • Share MSI’s history and brand story throughout the new office space.

Our team worked closely with Mission Construction, Forte Real Estate Partners, and Acre Workplace to help bring MSI’s project to reality. The final scope of the new headquarters included; 36,000 square feet of office, showroom, and training facility, and the back-of-house, 18,000 square feet of warehouse space. 

Our holistic approach to architecture and interior design allowed us to strategize, design, and deliver MSI’s new home from the ground up. In addition, PlanForce assisted with the strategy of the new office by working with the Client on the front end to select a new office space that worked with their design and workforce needs.