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PlanForce Office – Minneapolis, MN

For our new office, PlanForce selected 811 Glenwood, a building previously repositioned by the team. Collaborating with Forte Real Estate Partners, Fluid Interiors, and Mission Construction, the project aims to generate a workspace of creativity, collaboration, and functionality. The team’s goals included:

  • Establishing a central location for the office to enhance accessibility and connectivity
  • Designing an open café and lounge area to foster informal meetings and social interactions
  • Integrating phone rooms to provide private spaces for focused work and confidential conversations
  • Creating a variety of work areas to accommodate different working styles and preferences
  • Implementing sit-to-stand desks and low workstation panels to promote ergonomic well-being and maximize views
  • Subtle brand integration throughout the space to reinforce PlanForce’s identity and values
  • Seamlessly integrating technology to support modern work practices
  • Providing a large material library and client meeting space to facilitate collaboration and client interactions
  • Elevating the lounge area to maximize views of the Minneapolis skyline and provide additional informal meeting space

The office design reflects PlanForce’s priority of collaboration and creativity through a thoughtfully designed workspace. To enhance employee well-being and productivity, the team integrated ergonomic furniture and versatile work areas. Subtle red elements reinforce PlanForce’s brand identity. Expansive windows and light finishes maximize daylight into the floor plate, maintaining a cohesive and inviting atmosphere.

PlanForce used this opportunity to create a technologically advanced environment that supports modern work practices and client interactions to best serve their clients, regardless of their location.

“We wanted to involve all of our great designers in the process of creating our new home. We worked collaboratively through design charettes to capture ideas for the office layout, and teams of our designers designed each of the phone rooms to reflect our firm’s history and our team culture.”
-Ryan Schroeder, AIA, PlanForce