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Tricam Industries, Inc. – Eden Prairie, MN

Tricam Industries reached out to PlanForce when it was time to rejuvenate and expand their office space. PlanForce designed their previous office, and was perfectly poised to partner with Tricam again. Their expansion at 7677 Equitable Drive reflects their growth and commitment to a dynamic and healthy workplace. Tricam’s goals for the refresh included:

  • Attracting top talent to their suburban setting
  • Fostering collaboration
  • Incorporating branding throughout the design

The revitalized office now boasts an array of inviting spaces, from the welcoming reception area to the collaborative design center and spacious showroom. Thoughtfully designed open offices, private workspaces, and dedicated wellness facilities, including a wellness room and fully equipped workout area prioritize employee well-being and productivity.
Incorporation of a sizable café and outdoor recreational amenities fosters a sense of community and encourages engagement among employees.
Facing the challenge of expanding within a confided site, Tricam entrusted PlanForce with maximizing space efficiency while preserving functionality. Through innovative designs strategies, including the conversion of warehouse space into multifunctional areas, the team optimized every inch of the existing building to accommodate Tricam’s rapid growth seamlessly.Tricam’s strategic approach to reimagining their office space as a vibrant reflection of their brand and culture speaks to their commitment to excellence. By integrating modern amenities and fostering a dynamic work environment, the redesigned office not only attracts top talent but also cultivates an atmosphere that inspires creativity and innovation.

“We made a bold statement with the modern pivoting door seamlessly connecting the design center to the showroom, symbolizing the fluidity between creativity and execution.”
– Graham Teal, PlanForce

The innovative approach to storm water management underscores the project’s commitment to environmental stewardship. Facing significant runoff challenges on the east side of the building, our design team implemented landscaping strategies to mitigate runoff and promote water retention. This not only helps prevent soil erosion and pollution but also contributes to groundwater recharge, supporting the local ecosystem. A sport court supports the playful and health focus of Tricam’s team.

Tricam Industries’ office expansion and refresh not only exemplify their dedication to growth and innovation, but also underscore their commitment to fostering a vibrant workplace culture and supporting environmental sustainability. This comprehensive project seamlessly integrates functionality, aesthetics, and employee wellness, which supports the strong vision, brand and culture of Tricam.