Successful architecture has the power to make a real difference in the outcome of your business by meeting the needs of both the owners and tenants who use the building.

Vandalia Tower Architecture, St. Paul, MN

We provide design solutions that enable tangible results for your business.


At PlanForce Group, we believe the Power of Design can make a space that works to create positive business results. Through an integrated design process, we offer innovative design solutions that create real value. We are committed to a contemporary approach to architecture, with designs that are uniquely appropriate for each client, carefully detailed, and timeless.

Architecture requires working closely with our clients to determine their unique spatial and organizational needs, and the optimal design solution that fits the site and is both cost-effective and environmentally sensitive.

Our commitment to this philosophy lets us provide our clients with a service that addresses each client’s unique real estate needs. In today’s technology-driven work environment, we help link design theory to physical conditions. Our goal is to lead organizations in resolving complex real estate business decisions by asking smart questions, offering options, and executing choices in the most intelligent way. Ultimately, we provide design solutions that enable tangible results for your business.

Together, we can design a work space that inspires and reflects your unique business style. LET’S GET TO WORK!