Healthcare Architecture & Interiors

Our physical environments can significantly influence well-being, promote healing, relieve patient pain and stress, and reduce medical errors, infections, and falls. At PlanForce, we’re using evidence-based design to help healthcare clinics, pharmacies, ambulatory infusion, dental offices, and surgery centers improve patient outcomes through the Power of Design.

Healthcare architecture and interiors for Pediatric Services

Understanding the human experience in healthcare planning and design is essential to creating spaces that meet the needs of users — both patients and staff.


PlanForce creates spaces using an architectural, research-based model known as design thinking or evidence-based design—a problem-solving approach that strives to improve consumer healthcare experience and delivery. In healthcare, that translates to spaces that are designed with patients’ specific needs in mind.

By planning and designing for the human experience, PlanForce helps healthcare owners identify the most efficient workflow processes, thus eliminating unnecessary workflow steps and unnecessary square footage. The end result is more functional spaces with improved workflow efficiency, right-sized spaces, and fixed and flexible spaces that help caregivers deliver better care to patients—and ultimately influence a positive work experience.

We also specialize in clean room design, ensuring compliance with ISO 5 to ISO 7 requirements.

Together, we can design a work space that inspires and reflects your unique business style. LET’S GET TO WORK!