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Plastic Surgery Clinic and Ambulatory Center — Woodbury, MN

Dr. Heather Lynne Rocheford, a board-certified surgeon, specializing in plastic surgery procedures has opened a new 4,200-square-foot suite plastic surgery clinic and ambulatory center at Parkwood Place Medical Office in Woodbury. The new plastic surgery clinic, designed by PlanForce, is growing and anticipates having a team of 10 staff members within this new Woodbury facility.

To meet Dr. Rocheford’s specialized medical needs, PlanForce combined four tenant spaces into one large suite. Medical spaces within the suite include clinical pre-operation, treatment, and recovery rooms. The layout accommodates an impressive number of functional rooms in a relatively compact area.

At the front of the suite, the forward-facing reception area greet patients in a welcoming environment. Treatment rooms are concentrated along a single corridor for easy patient navigation. The same principle was used for the ambulatory side: treatment rooms are placed along a single corridor for intuitive navigation. The back-of-house operations are discretely wrapped around the surgery room to keep employee and patient areas separate.

The build-out, completed by Sever Construction, also adds an ambulatory surgery center as an expansion to the clinic side to keep all medical operations under one roof. And, while this expansion was one of the greatest functional design needs for this project, it needed to have separate patient access, with its own private waiting area.