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Pediatric Services — St. Louis Park, MN

The Pediatric Services clinic turned to PlanForce Group to help create a new, inviting space for patients and their families—one that would also work hard for their busy staff.

The new space was remodeled from a former FedEX drop-off site to a state-of-the-art children’s clinic. A very fresh and clean use of colors greets patients upon their entry to the clinic. The clinic check-in is positioned to allow the staff to keep their patients in view during the waiting period.

The clinic is designed for 15 patient exam rooms, which are serviced by two corridors on either side of the clinic. They are easily identified by color: one side marked with a blue carpet stripe, the other by a green carpet stripe. This helps both patients and staff to easily identify their location in the clinic.

The colors of the exam rooms—blue, green, or purple—work hard for the patients and staff. This color-coding helps staff remember the room being used for each patient, and it helps patients find their way back to the exam room after a visit to other services in the clinic.

Bathrooms are located on both sides of the clinic. The colors correspond to either the blue side or the green side, which gives some variety and identification to the rooms.

The clinic includes all amenities needed to diagnose their patients’ conditions and to prescribe the appropriate solution to help them feel better and recover faster.