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Tenenz Inc. — Bloomington, MN

When Tenenz Inc., a marketer of accounting and tax products, moved into their new office, they wanted to bring more light into the “cave-like” entryway and break up the long, straight hallways.

“We needed open spaces and fresh ideas to remedy inherent flaws in the building’s traditional, old layout,” said Bob Tenner, one of the owners at Tenenz. PlanForce created an entryway design that brought in natural light, creating an open, inviting space for employees and visitors.

In addition, PlanForce replaced a dark, closed-off stairwell with an open staircase and skylight, bringing additional lighting to the space. PlanForce also broke up the long, dark hallway with offices and conference rooms that angle out, adding visual interest to the sight path.

Our space had problems we didn’t know how to solve, but PlanForce did.

Bob Tenner, Owner, Tenenz Inc.

Tenenz Inc.