Office Interior Design for Saluda Medical
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Saluda Medical — Bloomington, MN

Update: Saluda Medical’s workspace has been named a “Cool Office” by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal. See the article.

Medical device manufacturer Saluda Medical is rapidly growing, with plans to double the size of their Minnesota office over the next few years. With that much growth, they needed a new office that would be able to support their expanding team. “While searching for the ideal place to put our roots, we knew that it had to be a large enough space that we can grow into, [while] maintaining our company’s innovative identity,” says Saluda Medical’s Allie Pierce.

PlanForce worked with Saluda Medical on a tenant improvement design that is warm and welcoming for both employees and visitors. With their rapid growth, the space also needed to be one that employees enjoyed, that would help Saluda attract and keep top talent. That meant creating a space that was open, engaging, and, above all, functional.

Open, Warm, and Collaborative

To maximize natural light throughout the space, most of the private offices and conference rooms were placed on the interior versus on the windows. The smaller meeting rooms near the reception area were designed to help break up the open office, while still allowing light to pass through the space.

To create a space that felt like home and reinforced the culture Saluda was trying to create, the breakroom was designed to be very open and welcoming, and it’s working as planned. “So far, our favorite space is the kitchen/break room,” says Pierce. “With the new dedicated place for lunch, we are able as a team to step away from our desks and enjoy time together.”

The new office design includes a variety of work environments — modern and open cubes with height-adjustable work surfaces, smaller closed-meeting areas, lounge spaces within the open office, and the open breakroom — to help Saluda Medical’s team perform their best. Says Pierce, “The ability to have a change of scenery is great for our staff.”

The flexibility of the space provides an exciting element to the work that will be coming out of here.

Allie Pierce, Saluda Medical