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Update: Construction is now complete on the new PowerObjects office space!

PowerObjects, a leader in delivering enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) applications using Microsoft Dynamics 365, has grown more than 2,600% since 2009. As you can imagine, finding space for all the new employees has been an ongoing—and increasingly difficult—challenge. With more growth projected over the coming years, PowerObjects turned to PlanForce Group to design a new 20,000 square foot office space on the eighth floor of the TractorWorks building, a landmark for the ever-expanding creative and diverse Minneapolis North Loop neighborhood. The PowerObjects office space is currently under construction, with a planned opening in June 2018.

TractorWorks is a historic brick-and-timber building, a former John Deere tractor factory. The building design features polished concrete, frosted glass, oxidized steel, and contemporary fabrics through the space, an aesthetic that when paired with the original brick and timber design illustrates the energetic union of past and future. The PowerObjects office space melds this industrial shell with a contemporary office interior design, including more than 200 hanging acoustical panels and modern branding.

Check out the photos and renderings above to see how this awesome space looks now—and where it’s going in the future.

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