Businessman working on PlanForce Space Calculator


Your office space is one of the most important investments your organizations will make. But how do you know how much space you really need? Historically, most professionals recommended that you plan for about 250 square feet per employee. These days, that number has been shrinking pretty dramatically, to the point that many companies take up less than 200 square feet per person. That said, high-end law firms will still often occupy upwards of 300 square feet per person. So how much is right for you?

To help you figure it out, PlanForce has created a handy office space calculator with the most common workspace types and their sizes to help get you started.

Note: These spaces and calculations are meant as guides only to help you determine the size of office you will need. When designing your actual office, your architect will work with you to design the right workspaces for your organization.

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