I’m always thinking about how a design could be changed to better fit its purpose or to better serve its people. A really important part of the designer’s job is to ensure that what we’re doing is not a half-hearted blanket solution, but creating something that works especially well for the people using it.

Lindsay has a passion for all things design. A graduate of University of Nebraska-Lincoln, she studied interior design, product design, and graphic design in college. She now brings that passion to PlanForce, helping clients design unique spaces and custom furniture that shines.

Lindsay grew up in a family of designers, with her father in construction and her mother an interior finisher. Growing up building furniture alongside her father, Lindsay developed a fascination with product design. She now loves designing custom furniture elements for her interior design projects whenever possible. She enjoys exploring the connection between product design and the interior built environment, in both furniture and all the custom elements that make a space unique for a client.

Lindsay’s background also includes graphic design, with a special interest in wayfinding. She brings her passion for healthy building design and occupant well-being to PlanForce with her WELL AP accreditation. In her spare time, Lindsay explores her love of woodworking, sewing, and gluten-free baking.