With intention, we create beautiful, engaging, innovative, and efficient spaces to meet the needs of our clients and exceed their expectations.

Ryan loves the connection of people with creative solutions—art, science, craft. He became an architect because he loves the art behind design and the unique opportunity he has to impact people’s lives, environment, and the community.

From a young age, Ryan was interested in how things work and how they are put together. Lincoln Logs, LEGO bricks, Erector sets, Construxs — he had them all. His grandfather was a brilliant mechanical thinker, and Ryan would spend endless hours hanging around his grandfather’s workshop while he was crafting his latest invention. This evolved to drafting classes in middle school and getting hands-on experience working in construction to pay his way through college.

Ryan is a lifelong learner with a growing list of hobbies and pursuits. The sausage making-apple grafting-traveling-archery-home improvement-wood working has taken a step to the side as his young family grows. Learning has taken on a new meaning as Ryan’s kids develop and grow.

Still, he can’t help but trying something new when given a chance. You will rarely find Ryan ordering the same thing twice — even if he loves it. That’s how he ended up drinking a dill pickle beer the last time he was out. (His preference being a hoppy IPA or a nice tequila.)

Ryan has more than 18 years of professional experience and serves as President of PlanForce Group. He holds degrees in architecture and environmental science from North Dakota State University, as well as certifications from NCARB and AIA.