Designers study how people use our world and the science of the built environment. Designers use the principals of form, texture, line, color and light to create environments where people can thrive. The Power of Design brings beauty, safety, and purpose to our homes, businesses, and community.

Weld brings a wealth of experience in helping business maximize the utility and beauty of their real estate assets. He believes that your facility is more than a line item on a ledger that needs to be “managed.” Whether a business uses a factory, store, clinic, or office, that facility should be a positive force in the success of the business. Design is the tool to make that happen.

A California native, Weld depends on his background in lumber, hardware, theater, and family business to support creative business practice. He drives PlanForce Group to be a premier design firm, where each designer grows into their skill and into a meaningful career. Moreover, Weld works to ensure that PlanForce is a firm that our clients think is the best value available for developing their real estate resources.

After more than 35 years of devoted service, Weld retired from PlanForce at the end of January 2020. He continues to work on select projects and will serve on the company’s board of directors for the foreseeable future.