Daily we experience architecture. We work our job, grab a bite to eat, and run our errands. We may not realize it, but we are impacted by the qualities of the places we visit. An under-lit restaurant may add to the ambiance and enjoyment of an evening out. An under-lit workplace the following day may strain our eyes and drain our energy. Whether deliberate or unintentional, we are impacted by our environment. Design impacts our lives more than most realize.

A Minnesota farm kid in awe with the built environment, Chad marveled at the silos and elevators—and then became impressed with the towers of the city. Chad holds dear his heritage on the land but now explores the joy and amazement of the wonders of nature with his family—the might of the Mississippi River when it floods over the St. Anthony Falls dam, the dramatic setting that is Minnehaha Falls in the spring, or the freedom of seeing an eagle retake flight into the wild after recovering from injury.