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As a new Associate Architectural Designer, Michael loves seeing how creativity and logistics intersect throughout the design process. Michael got into architecture through his lifelong interest in space planning, ranging from small-scale furniture proposals and landscape architecture design to fully imagined cities. What Michael loves most about what he does is how creativity, engineering, and user experience inform each other throughout the design process to create built environments.

Michael’s favorite architectural word is “juxtaposition” because, in his opinion, it is both overused and underappreciated. He thinks many designs thrive off seemingly contradictory styles, putting stylistic tradition and histories in conversation along the way. Michael’s favorite design tool is tracing paper, because it’s simple, intuitive, and encourages creativity and flexibility in design!

Outside of work, Michael enjoys baking, dancing, hiking, climbing, and writing. The most exciting thing he’s accomplished thus far is the opportunity to write on contemporary art, ranging from architecture to music. For him, it’s both deepened how he understands creative industries and put him in touch with so many incredible people.