Weld Ransom and Ryan Schroeder unveil new PlanForce Commercial Architecture and Interiors brand.

PlanForce was proud to host an Open House event acknowledging Dave Clark’s leadership of WCL Associates on November 19, 2015. PlanForce acquired the assets of WCL Associates officially on September 30, 2015. The event also introduced The PlanForce Group under the leadership of Weld Ransom (PlanForce Commercial Interiors) and Ryan Schroeder (WCL Associates). Under the new leadership of Weld Ransom, Chief Manager, and Ryan Schroeder, Director of Design Services, the firm is poised to provide architectural and design services under one roof. PlanForce is a team of architects and interior designers working with commercial real estate owners, developers and users to develop real estate with lasting beauty, economy, and safety.

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