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Stay up to date on the latest news and thought leadership from PlanForce. Here we’ll discuss the intersection of architecture, interiors, and commercial real estate.

The PlanForce team has put together a playlist specifically designed to help get you through this time of “social distancing.”


With the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) now declared a global pandemic, we wanted to share more about what we are doing to keep you and PlanForce staff safe.

Consistently monitor and update these 3 property marketing efforts to ensure you’re able to attract new tenants and get leases signed.


Space planning can go beyond a formality to actually help close real estate deals. Answer these 4 questions to set your building apart from the competition.


In this final installment of our Building Better ROI series, we’ll discuss some of the amenities you can add to your building to increase its value.

In the second part of our Building Better ROI series, we talk about how to make your rentable spaces more presentable through white boxing and spec suites.

In the first part of our series on increasing the ROI of commercial buildings, we discuss lowering operating costs and reducing the risk of legal liability.

Weld Ransom, CID, describes the value of great design to recruitment and retention efforts.

In this episode of Taking Design, we discuss how the right interior design can help companies in their recruitment and retention efforts.


Update: Our position is now filled! Learn more about our new Design Technician, Juan Mosquera.

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