With every new office build out, relocation, or renovation comes important questions about the selection of furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E). While these may not initially receive as much attention as other portions of a commercial architecture and interiors project, they are no less important to the success of the new workspace.
Furniture selection (FF&E) is an important part of the workspace design process.

Strategic Furniture Selection for Your Workspace

To recruit and retain the best talent, employers will need to make the daily experience of work as satisfying as possible. Increasingly, today’s workers take working conditions into account when they decide which job offers to accept. The physical environment—from the flexibility of the workspace to the bike facilities to the amount of light throughout the space—is a central issue for this generation.

Moreover, happy workers of any age are significantly more productive, according to the latest academic research, with happier employees being 12% to 31% more productive than their less happy counterparts. Given these findings, businesses need to create workspaces that operate at their maximum potential—from both an efficiency and worker satisfaction standpoint.

PlanForce Group provides a range of FF&E services for of our clients. We have a comprehensive process of specification, ordering, tracking, and installation to help clients in this monumental task, which often accounts for 25% or more of the total cost of commercial office projects.

FF&E Selection Process

In addition to aesthetic and cost factors, there are five key considerations involved in FF&E selection:

  • Function: How will the furnishings be used in the space?
  • Compatibility: How does the new furniture fit with any existing furnishings you plan to use?
  • Durability: Will the furnishings stand up to the wear and tear of daily use?
  • Sustainability: Do the furnishings conform to environmental standards?
  • Codes and regulations: Do the furnishings meet requirements for life safety and flammability?

PlanForce can manage your entire FF&E project from start to finish. Our FF&E selection experience ranges from systems furniture and movable walls to custom furniture, millwork, specialized equipment, signage, awnings, accessories, environmental graphics, and unique art pieces. As a full-service commercial interiors firm, we also provide selection for light fixtures, custom finishes, window coverings, and refinishing/re-upholstery of existing furniture.

Beyond selection, our FF&E services include coordinating the delivery and installation schedule with furniture dealers to ensure installation into the completed space. We provide on-site supervision during furniture installation and coordinate with the general contractor during punch list preparation.

Contact PlanForce today to see how our FF&E services compliment and accent the architectural design of your workspace, while meeting your functional and budgetary requirements.