Property Marketing & Branding

Good marketing in the built environment makes it possible to lease commercial property quickly and at higher rates. At PlanForce, we help your commercial property rise above the rest by communicating so much more than just the facts.

'For lease' sign in office window

Creative property marketing plans will give your commercial building a competitive advantage.

Promotional Tactics That Really Work

Effective promotions and creative deliverables can make the difference between staring at an empty building and meeting your leasing goals. But rushed, cookie-cutter tactics just won’t cut it. Once you break free from stock property listings and bland photos taken on your smart phone, there’s a huge opportunity to gain strategic advantage from smart, proven promotions.

In today’s competitive market, where commercial properties are competing for ever more discriminating tenants, the role of property marketing takes on even greater importance. What will set this building apart and attract high-yield tenants? Smart marketing strategies combined with detail-focused creative can give the property a competitive advantage and new layers of attraction.

Together, we can design commercial real estate marketing solutions that drive deals. LET’S GET TO WORK!