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Vector Windows Branding and Collateral

When Vinylite Windows opened its doors in 1995, they set out to create the most advanced, cost-effective line of windows they could. Their chosen material, vinyl, helped to achieve their quality, efficiency and beauty standards. They came to believe, however, that their company name didn’t accurately reflect the core strengths and competitive advantages they bring to the table.

With a mandate to position Vinylite “on-level” with their larger competitors, designers from PlanForce started with the basics, throwing out the old assumptions about how to market windows. Instead of focusing on consumers, the new brand needed to speak to the people who were actually making the purchasing decisions: builders, contractors and lumberyards.

Using the new name Vector, PlanForce designers created a visual identity and mission statement for the new branding, placing the company as the premier partner to the building and remodeling industry. The voice and look of the new brand is straightforward, bold, and relevant, reflecting the company’s commitment to delivering both state-of-the-art products and the highest quality services, focused on the priorities of builders.

After in-depth interviews with Vector’s customers and visits to area lumber yards, we also redesigned the company’s brochure, specification guide, and price book to clearly communicate the most relevant details quickly. The new marketing materials help builders to easily get the information they need and get back to work.

With everything in place, Jeff Ackerson, Vector’s President and CEO, looks forward to how the work will help Vector reach their business objectives.

The early results of our brand launch have been very positive, and we are excited with the growth opportunities that it presents.

Jeff A., President and CEO, Vector Windows

Vector Windows

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Branding & Graphics