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PlanForce is proud to announce the official release of our new online client portal, dubbed PlanForce.Space. The new tool, developed in-house by the PlanForce team, provides landlords, property managers, and leasing agents with web-based access to space drawings, stacking plans, and leasing documents, all organized by property and suite. PlanForce.Space also gives clients a vacancy search feature, office space calculator, and one-stop job tickets for quickly interfacing with the PlanForce team.

Get fingertip access to drawings and plans for each building and suite in your real estate portfolio

Online Document Access

In the digital age, easy access to drawings for each building and suite within a commercial property is absolutely critical. Leasing agents need to quickly respond to requests from brokers, and property managers need to easily review as-built drawings. The PlanForce.Space client portal puts those documents at your fingertips, where they are visually organized by property and suite. The easy-to-read PDFs are available for download any time clients need them. No need to email the designer, wait for them to search through the archives, or even pay an hourly rate just to get access to your files.

Color-coded stacking plans allow leasing agents to focus on the most critical suites

Color-Coded Stacking Plans

In addition to storing available files for each building and suite, PlanForce.Space programmatically generates color-coded stacking plans for each building. These stacking plans show details for each suite on each floor, including the tenant, square footage, and lease expiration. Each suite in the stacking plan is color-coded based on when the lease is due. This ensures your team can easily focus on which leases need to be renewed. And because the stacking plans are auto-generated, as soon as you make a change, it’s reflected in the plan. With PlanForce.Space, your stacking plans are always up-to-date.

Quickly filter vacancies to find the spaces that best meet prospects' needs

Vacancy Search

Every day, tenant rep brokers send out search requests on behalf of their clients. Leasing reps need to be able to quickly search their available vacancies to see which might meet the tenant’s needs. The PlanForce.Space vacancy search feature provides a simple interface for doing just that. Narrow your search by submarket, building product type, square footage range, and lease rate. Then quickly download the marketing plan to send it off to the prospect.

Our Job Tickets center allows easy communication between clients and designers

Job Tickets

As a tool for PlanForce clients, PlanForce.Space also provides a robust job ticketing system. Got a new project you need us to work on? Simply add a new Job Ticket, and we’ll assign a designer to get started. You and the designer can each send messages and upload project files to keep everything on track. And since PlanForce.Space is fully-responsive, it works just as well on your mobile device as on your computer.

The Space Calculator lets you quickly identify a square footage range based on your prospect's needs

Space Calculator

How much space do tenants really need – especially in a post-COVID work world? Our interactive space calculator, now built directly into PlanForce.Space, can help you and them figure it out. The space calculator includes the most common workspace types and their sizes – just select the ones your tenants need to see the most appropriate size range, including per-employee-square-footage. You can even adjust the Circulation and R/U Factor as needed. Attach the calculation to a Job Ticket, and we will use it as the base for the client program.

Dedicated to Making Your Job Easier

We have started rolling out PlanForce.Space to select clients already, with the expectation of getting all clients in the system by the beginning of next year. Access to the client portal is included for any designs PlanForce creates – no extra subscription required! It’s all part of our commitment to helping our commercial real estate partners work easier and be more successful.

Would access to PlanForce.Space help your team work more efficiently and get more done? Contact us to schedule a live demo today!

Brock Ray, Director of Marketing
Brock Ray
Director of Marketing & Business Development

Equipped with a designer’s eye, a storyteller’s soul, and a marketer’s targeted goal-setting, Brock works with clients to help develop integrated branding, graphic design, and digital marketing solutions — creating property marketing and space branding solutions to tell their stories and reflect their values.

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