At the heart of design is the utter dedication to the needs of your audience—be they customers, employees, or some other user. Solving problems in a way that will delight these audiences means you have to know how they feel about the problem.

For more than a 15 years, Brock has been helping a wide variety of B2B and consumer companies develop strategic, human-centered creative solutions that deliver business results. As Director of Marketing and Brand, Brock works to cultivate clear messaging that communicates the powerful stories of PlanForce Group’s client-centered commercial architecture and design projects. He also collaborates with clients to develop integrated branding, graphic design, and digital marketing solutions — creating property marketing and space branding solutions to tell their stories and reflect their values.

Originally hailing from Washington, D.C., Brock now lives in Minnesota with his wife, Jennifer, and their children, Collin and Bonnie. When he’s not immersed in developing strategic marketing and creative solutions, he can be found enjoying craft beer and engaging in community service projects with the Minneapolis City of Lakes Rotary Club.