Cox Insurance featured in MSP Business Journal's Cool Offices column

  The Minneapolis/St.Paul Business Journal recently featured the Cox Insurance building, designed by PlanForce Group, in their list of MSP Cool Offices. The article, entitled “Cox Insurance office stands out with personal design,” showcases this 15,000-square-foot space that was strategically designed for productivity, comfort, and a sense of community. Read the article

Erbert & Gerberts Restaurant Architecture

 Drafters like me aren’t very interesting. We spend a lot of time with our heads down, drawing the details of commercial architecture and interiors projects. Everything from floor plans to elevations to wall sections — and lots and lots of details. All of the details needed to convey to the contractor what’s going on….

Taco Bell Restaurant Architecture & Interiors

  For restaurant franchisees, developing, maintaining, and remodeling their buildings can be as important to business success as the rest of daily operations. Over my 30 years of experience designing, drafting, and project coordinating, I’ve found there are a few critical factors that can significantly determine the success of a restaurant architecture project. 1. Get…

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